Thinking About Climbing Kilimanjaro?

You’ve come to the right place! SAS was founded by mountaineers who have climbed throughout the world and who have frankly developed the most effective operational protocols of any operator on Kilimanjaro.

We are able to offer a degree of customization and control not possible elsewhere, using unique routes and methods of acclimatization that are unique to SAS.

These measures afford you the greatest possible likelihood of reaching Kilimanjaro’s summit in the best state of health and well-being possible. Our peerless knowledge and familiarity of Kilimanjaro results from the fact that we are not merely agents and not merely ground handlers, but actually specialize exclusively in climbing Kilimanjaro.

SAS offers seamless control of your whole expedition – with no aspect being outsourced or delegated – from the very first moment you email or call us, until you’re safely back on the plane home, having successfully completed your Kilimanjaro climb, while having made excellent friendships that we believe will last a lifetime.

Climb Kilimanjaro Without the Middleman

With no reliance on agents, middlemen, or local handlers, climbing Kilimanjaro with SAS that you don’t have to accept a one-size-fits-all solution. We will go to any lengths possible to ensure that you get precisely what you want, and are frequently approached by people that have become frustrated with other companies being too inexperienced to serve them, either because the climb group are senior in years, have challenging medical conditions, or are climbing with young children – all of which scenarios we are very well equipped to take in our stride.


Our attitude to safety is unique in that our director is from time to time contracted by Kilimanjaro National Park Authority to conduct safety work on the mountain and to advise on route selection and accident prevention. He was responsible for determining the cause of the rock-slide in January 2006 that killed 3 climbers.