Ngorongoro Crater Safari


Where you can get so close to the lions, you can almost touch them.

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Called the eighth wonder of the world and stretching across some 8,300 sq km, the Ngorongoro Conservation Area boasts a blend of landscapes, wildlife, people and archaeology that is unsurpassed in Africa. The volcanoes, grasslands, waterfalls and mountain forests are home to an abundance of animals and to the Maasai. The Ngorongoro Crater, feeling in many ways akin to Conan-Doyle’s Lost World (minus the dinosaurs), is a huge draw for visitors embarking on a Safari on the Northern Circuit, and virtually all safaris of three days or more will incorporate it. It is an amazing place to visit not only because of its magical setting, but also because the steep walls and favourable conditions ensure that it serves as a natural sanctuary for some of Africa’s densest populations of large mammals.

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Fri 18 Oct 2016 – Sun 04 Nov 2016, Fri 22 Oct 2016 – Sun 23 Nov 2016