Tarangire Wildlife Safari




Ancient baobab trees, large family herds of elephants and prolific bird life makes Tarangire the classic Africa that history describes. Second only to Ngorongoro Crater, the park has some of the highest concentration of wildlife during the dry season (June – October), as the Tarangire River is one of the few sources of permanent water left in the area and consequently attracts large numbers of wildebeest, zebras, elephants, eland and oryx which gather to stay until the onset of the rains when the ongoing migration sees them disperse again to adjoining grazing areas. Elephant herds of over 300 hundred have been spotted along the river. Wildlife often relies on the nearby baobab trees that become hollow and fill with rainwater. In fact, the game numbers overall are staggering: 30,000 zebra, 25,000 wildebeest, 5,000 buffalo, 3,000 elephant, 2,500 Maasai giraffe and over 1,000 fringe-eared oryx (gemsbok). Predators include lion (prone to tree-climbing just like their Lake Manyara cousins), cheetah and leopard. The swamps, tinged green year round, are the focus for 550 bird varieties, the most breeding species in one habitat anywhere in the world.